Book 6

Author Jan Marie Reynoldson

the call of the golden wolf

Stefan tried to defeat the followers of Malega alone and failed miserably. He had no other choice: as the Seventh Hand, he must follow the elfin prophecy, and call the elfin clans and the Four to join him to form a great army capable of defeating the evil forces of Malega.

The Gray Elves faked Stefan’s death to give him advantage in his long journey southwards, but someone betrayed him and now Stefan must travel with his enemy on his tracks. Their hooded leader sends demonic creatures to attack Stefan repeatedly all the way to the sea.

The elfin clans, horrified by the presence of such evil in their sacred lands, give the Seventh Hand aid in the battles and promise to march with him in the final war against Malega. For the most part, though, Stefan is alone on his journey and he hopes that he has the strength to see it through to the end.


Ah, conscience…,” whispered the wind, “conscience is the root of man. If man had no conscience, he would pick up and fly away from all troubles.

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