Book 5

Author Jan Marie Reynoldson

The seventh hand rises

While interrogating Stefan in the Gray Forest, the Gray Elves were shocked to learn that Stefan was Corin’s son and the personification of the Gray Mists. He had come to them when evil was again rising in Gorroc. Black Priests roamed the land and a Black Altar stood on the spot where Corin had killed the she-demon, Malega, almost twenty years before. The elves recognized Stefan as the Seventh Hand, the one who would annihilate that evil forever.

Stefan, in a vision induced by the elfin wine, saw the future the new enemy intended for his family and he vowed that he would not let it come to that end. He began to hunt down the enemy using his powers to feel the presence of evil. With his ability to know the thoughts and intentions of people, Stefan was able to discover and stop his enemy’s plans. He infiltrated into his enemy’s secret organization; but could he stop them before Malega decided to strike?


Stefan is the Seventh Hand and he is here. You will all fall beneath his hand.

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