Book 4

Author Jan Marie Reynoldson

His gift is of hope

Stefan was happy living on the Isle of Mer. He learned the true source of his powers and how to control them. He became a man; he grew strong and confident. The Mermen taught him how to fight and defend himself, and he fought at their side against their enemies. The Merwomen taught him the ways of love.

Stefan had matured so much that, when he returned home, his own family hardly recognized him. Stefan felt more at ease in the city now, but he felt best while working as a ranger in the countryside. There, he found the woman of his dreams, but she was a Gray Elf, and he felt reluctant to tell his family about her. Shaella was uncertain about loving a man, but she was convinced that he could help the elves with their new, mysterious enemy. The Gray Elves, however, feared that Stefan was their enemy and, if he wanted to remain with Shaella, he would have to prove himself to them. 

They walked hand in hand through wild places…

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