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Author Jan Marie Reynoldson

Iā€™m Jan Marie Reynoldson

I was born in Nebraska in 1962 and lived most of my childhood in Kansas. I moved to Italy for work in 1987 and have lived in the mountains of central Italy since then. I am married and have a daughter.

I have always enjoyed making up stories and poems. In college, I enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends, inventing and living out fantasy stories. When I started graduate school in Indiana in 1985, and when I moved to Italy two years later, I couldn’t find others to play with, so I played alone, making up scenarios and new characters, taking them through new adventures by the roll of dice.

The game I played out over the years in my free time grew into a story. The story continued to develop in my mind, beyond the game. The story was good and I started writing it down in the late ’90’s. After filling stacks of loose pages and half a dozen notebooks with my manuscript, I bought a computer and started writing it there.

It took 15 years to finish writing my book “The Seventh Hand”, but I was very satisfied with it. My friends who read it suggested that I print it up into book form and I printed the story in 4 very long books for private reading only.

In December of 2018, I sent my book to a publisher and he agreed to help me self publish it in an 8 book series.

In September of 2019, Book 1 of “The Seventh Hand”, called “The Fate of the Sixth Hand” was finally published and made available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and ebook versions, and now the ebook is available on dozens of other sites.

Publishing a work of mine is something I have dreamed of doing for a very long time. Writing for me is not just a hobby. When I think of how to define myself, the word “story-teller” comes to mind. I hope that this is just the beginning of a long adventure as a writer.

If you wish to find out more about my book, you can look me up on my public Facebook writer’s page: Jan Marie Reynoldson

If you wish to buy my book, in ebook or paperback versions, you can purchase it on Amazon under the title “The Fate of the Sixth Hand” or by author, Jan Marie Reynoldson.

ā€œWriting for me is not just a hobby. When I think of how to define myself, the word “story-teller” comes to mind.ā€

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