Book 1

Author Jan Marie Reynoldson

The Fate of the Sixth Hand

The Gray Elves, enemies of the demon-worshipping Black Kings and Councilors of Gorroc, and their Queen the she-demon Malega, prophesized that it would be the fate of the Sixth Hand to end the long reign of evil. The sixth generation of Black Rule had now come and the Elves had reason to hope.
The Councilor Corin, destined to take his father’s dark path, had renounced his evil destiny and had convinced his King to create a realm without demon influence.
However, long-standing evil is not so easily eradicated. Malega was still present in the shadows and Corin’s life and soul were at risk.
Forced to flee the realm of Gorroc, Corin took refuge in the sacred forest of the Gray Elves, protected by a magical mist that did not allow evil to enter. Malega’s demons encircled the forest, keeping Corin imprisoned within. After seven years of demon siege, the Gray Elves had given up hope that Corin could be their prophetic Sixth Hand; but Fate had not given up hope in Corin.

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Malega’s demons encircled the forest, keeping Corin imprisoned within..

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