Book 3

Author Jan Marie Reynoldson

The children of the earth

Corin had all he desired: a home, a loving family, a happy life with his wife Shenanda and a son on the way. Nevertheless, worry grew in his heart. His son, Stefan, was a Child of the Earth. Even from the womb, the babe was sensitive to evil and was pained by it. Corin blamed himself because Stefan was conceived as the last stain of the she-demon’s evil had finally left his heart. Stefan was destined to do great good and began even before birth, leading his family from the womb to rescue the Four from their prison. In reward, the Four blessed the newborn child and promised to aid him in the future.

Though Corin tried to shield his young son from evil, Stefan’s powers naturally pitted him against it. With his family’s blessings, Stefan begins a journey of self-discovery that takes him over land and sea to the Isle of Mer, where he learns the true nature of his powers.

The child has marked us. He has touched us in a way that we cannot ignore. We are bound to him now..”

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