Book 2

Author Jan Marie Reynoldson

The End of The Reign of Evil

The Spirit of the Earth, feeling the painful touch of evil on the land, gave life to four Children of the Earth, born from wombs of ice, fire, wood and stone. The children grew and developed their powers to control water, metal, plants and minerals. Good and caring in heart, they dedicated their services to healing and to giving aid to those in need. The Spirit of the Earth now called them together as the Four and led them northwards, where the evil was greatest.

Corin had killed the tyrant king of Gorroc and the king’s consort, the she-demon Malega. Now he would bring end to the reign of evil in Gorroc; but warrens of evil still remained, scattered over the realm, thriving in the remote areas to the north. Evil waited in lairs, ready to prey on the innocent and good-hearted people passing through.

“The cold will not stay long in our hearts if the warmth of our loved ones resides there.”

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